What is a triathlon?

It’s a sport comprising 3 disciplines raced one after the other – it starts with a swim leg, then transitions onto a cycle leg and finishes with a run.

Can I do a triathlon?

With some time and training, anyone can do a triathlon. Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town is designed to be a mass participation event with distances catering to novice and experienced triathletes.

To complete the Sprint you need to be able to swim 20 lengths of your gym’s 25m pool, be able to cycle for 40-60 minutes and then run 30-40 minutes. You can also enter the event in a team and choose one of the disciplines

What are the Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town distances?

Olympic Distance (Standard): 1 500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run
For the elites it is a draft legal race, for the age groupers (open races) it is non drafting

Sprint Distance: Usually about one half of an Olympic Distance race, Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town offers a 500m swim, 20km bike and 5km run

I don’t have a fancy triathlon bike, can one use mountain bikes for the mass participation races?

Yes mountain bikes will be allowed so as long as they conform to the ITU competition rule No. 5.2

Where can I hire a bike?

Contact 'Olympic Cycles' our Official Wheel Station Service Provider on  021 671 5008 or

Drafting, when will this be allowed, and when not?

The age groups 20 to 70+ will not be allowed to draft. Age group 16 to 19 will be allowed to draft. Elites will be allowed to draft.

Must I race as an individual or can I enter in a team?

Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town caters for individual entries as well as team entries. Entering as part of a team is an excellent way to test the waters of triathlon

Can a team entry consist of 2 participants and not just 3?

Yes a team can have 2 participants where one person can do two legs of the event

What distance should I choose?

For most, the biggest barrier to doing a triathlon is the swim, thus decide which distance you wish to enter based on what distance you feel you would be comfortable swimming. The Sprint distance swim is 500m and the Olympic distance is 1 500m.

If you’re just starting out, consider doing the Sprint, with a 500m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run. Even though the 20km cycle and 5km run might not sound that far – stringing all three together will provide a suitable challenge for your first triathlon.

Do I need to have a strong background in one of the events?

You don’t need to have a sporting pedigree to tackle your first triathlon. Be active 3 to 5 times a week, include at least one session of each discipline per week and slowly increase your distances trained. Ideally, join a triathlon club and get a basic training programme from a coach.

Can the triathlon swim be rough?

The swim portion of the triathlon will be swum in the V&A Waterfront, Quay 6 in front of the Table Bay Hotel – the waters will be very calm, other than the activity of the swimmers around you and the possibility of a little wind chop. The swim can be daunting, sharing the space with other athletes. The various races will have wave starts to reduce the amount of people in the water together. It is advised to practice open water swimming or at the very least to do indoor swimming in a squad.

There can be congestion at the start of the swim and round the first buoy resulting in occasional contact, but not much. You can choose a wider line, and just keep swimming.

Is triathlon gear expensive?

While triathlon is a gear centric sport, it doesn’t have to be. Should you be doing the Sprint, you are welcome to swim in your board shorts, cycle an old mountain bike and run in your favourite pair of shoes. It’s up to you how much you wish to invest.

Do I need to buy a wetsuit?

Wetsuits are a major benefit to staying warm during the swim, they also assist with buoyancy and help you swim faster – so, a wetsuit can be of benefit. However, you do not need to purchase one, you can rent wetsuits for the event.

Should you decide to buy a wetsuit, we recommend buying a suit specifically designed for swimming in – starting prices are +/- R2250 upwards.

Is it possible for me to cancel my race entry? And what is the policy on refunds?

  • Refunds are subject to the provision of a valid doctor’s note.
  • Refunds will be provided less the online registration fee.
  • A cancellation fee of R100.00 will be charged.
  • Cancellations for the Olympic Distance are only possible until close of registration on Friday 25 April.
  • Cancellations for the Sprint Distance are only possible until close of registration on Saturday 26 April.

Can my entry for this year’s event be deferred to next year’s event?

Deferrals to the 2015 event will not be allowed

Is it possible to transfer my entry to someone else?

Entries can be transferred to another person during the race number collection/registration times under the following conditions:

  • Both parties must be present at registration.
  • Both parties must present their ID books/passport.
  • A fee of R100.00 will be charged.

Is it possible to convert my race either from a Sprint Distance to an Olympic Distance, or an Olympic Distance to a Sprint Distance?

Converting from one race to another is feasible under the following conditions:

  • The participant will pay a transfer fee of R100.00
  • Depending on the case, the participant will either receive a refund or pay the extra amount based on the difference of the conversion.         
  • Conversions are only possible at number collection/registration on 25 April 2014

I cannot enter online. Where else can I enter for this year’s event?

  • Participants may also enter at the Top Events Office- 6 Koeberg Road, Maitland, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa, 7405 (Mon- Fri 08:30-16:30)
  • Entries will close at 23h59 on 22 April 2014.
  • No entries will be received after 22 April 2014.

Will there be start waves, and how will these be determined?

  • Standard Distance start waves will be between 08h00 – 10h30, every 10 mins.
  • Sprint Distance start waves will be between 10h00 – 11h30, every 10 mins.
  • Each participants confirmed start wave will be confirmed on Thursday 24 April 2014

Will an additional R100 day license fee be charged to non-registered members?

  • Non-registered TSA members will not be charged an additional day license fee
  • However, if you are a registered TSA Member, you will receive a R50 discount at registration.

Will the Age Groups receive splits per, swim/bike/run?

Age Groupers will receive time splits, there will be a Time Mat for transition in, transition out, and Race finish. Additional to that, a Timing Mat will register laps done for cycle and run.

I have not received any email confirmation that I have registered?

Please contact Top Events on 021 511 7130 or email, and they will send you a confirmation email.

Is there going to be a separate event for Paratriathletes?

Unfortunately we will not have a separate paratriathlon event this year.

What disability category is allowed to take part in this event?

In essence, we welcome athletes from all abilities to enter, though we can regrettable will not accommodate athletes in PT1 category this year due to the nature of the course. We hope to find a solution to this for future events.  For athlete in categories PT2 and PT3 will be allowed to compete in this years’ event.

ITU World Triathlon Series Rankings
Gwen Jorgensen

1 Gwen Jorgensen (USA) 5085Gold Medal

2 Sarah Groff (USA) 3987Silver Medal

3 Andrea Hewitt (NZL) 3845Bronze Medal

Javier Gomez Noya

1 Javier Gomez Noya (ESP) 4860Gold Medal

2 Mario Mola (ESP) 4601Silver Medal

3 Jonathan Brownlee (GBR) 4501Bronze Medal